a day of gratitude

have you whispered ‘thank you’ for today yet?

it doesn’t matter who you think heard it, as long as you feel it and say it… or think it, if you’d rather.

it is nice to pick a moment

out of your busy day and be grateful for it. why? simply just because.

out of work for some time now, I am thankful for the moments when I get to spend time just the way I want.

there is an immense feeling of happiness when friends remember me on a random moment and text me to say hi or share a joke, a picture or just be nonsensical.

I have all the time in the world to spend with my family… sans the moments when the nagging starts to grate on my ears.

one thing I realized is that most people have no idea what to talk to you about when you are jobless. some friends behaved that way… they ran away and avoided me. but you know what, it’s fine.

the ones who stayed by you quietly are the ones that matter; even if they have nothing to contribute towards finding me a job, they volunteered their presence, which is saying more than anything else. they didn’t treat me as a job which without, there is no topic for conversation. I am a human in their eyes and sometimes, words can’t replace the emotions found in silence.

and then there are those who offers you a part time job, no questions asked nor qualifications required. they showed you can still make yourself useful and that there is nothing wrong with not being to land a job for the moment, that it’s ok to be taking a break and just enjoy life.

for these unsung heroes in my life, they make me tear and my ‘thank you’ goes out to them. I hope God hears it and brings them some happiness in return for what they have given me… friendship,  faith, hope, love,  gratitude…

today, I am grateful because of so many great people and good things in my life. my faith has been renewed in the past months,  so I have even more to rejoice about. once again… thank YOU.


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